About Meridian Industries

About Meridian Industries

The Meridian companies are manufacturing leaders supporting customers in a variety of industries – from industrial and print media fabrics to medical tubing, luxury upholstery fabrics, household and personal care products, novelty yarns and much more.  All five of the Meridian companies are proud to be American-based manufacturers that provide high quality products, short lead times and consistent, reliable service. In many of our markets we are one of the few domestic manufacturers still thriving, aligning well with the current resurgence of companies bringing business back to the United States and the demand for American-made products. Meridian is currently comprised of five operating companies:

Growing Businesses for over 70 Years

Meridian Industries is not a private equity firm.  Private equity firms continuously buy and sell portfolio companies and have very short-term investment windows.  Meridian makes long-term investments in its companies with the intent of permanent ownership.  Each of our five operating companies has been a part of the Meridian family for well over two decades.

Our philosophy is to push our companies to keep growing and evolving, by expanding into new products and markets and continually investing in new manufacturing equipment, facilities and technologies.  Our decentralized structure allows each company to operate with a sense of autonomy and an entrepreneurial spirit.  Our inherent financial strength and stable family ownership provide an environment that supports continuous reinvestment of capital and expedited decision making.

A firm believer in doing business the right way, Meridian companies adhere to a high standard of corporate ethics. We try not to take shortcuts. Treating all third-party constituencies – customers, suppliers and service providers – with a sense of respect, fairness, honesty and long-term partnership is the standard for how we conduct business. Furthermore, Meridian is committed to ensuring the safety, career development, and long-term retention of all our employees, and we recognize that our success is a result of their hard work and ingenuity.

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