Faux Suede


Delivers the luxurious look and feel of expensive kid suede with exceptional performance. This specially engineered material is lightweight and strong. It is used in a variety of applications including conventional upholstery, wall covering and panels. Novasuede™ is comfortable to sit on in any season due to its natural ability to breathe.

Special Effects

Novasuede™ is beautiful when embossed, printed, perforated or quilted. The surface is receptive to a variety of distinctive effects making Novasuede™ an aesthetic chameleon.

Visual and Tactile Effects

Majilite curates Novasuede™ in more than 140+ unique colors.

Additionally, Majilite offers Mirabella and Privee suede styles to round out the product offering and accommodate different applications and design preferences.

Performance and Cleaning

While Novasuede™ provides the aesthetic of expensive suede, it also offers exceptional performance. Due to its unique composition, this suede-like material is easy to clean.

Features of Majilite Novasuede™ Products

  • Proprietary construction
  • Beautiful, authentic look and feel
  • Breathable like leather
  • Custom colors; small minimums apply
  • Custom embossing available
  • No plasticizers
  • No off-gassing

Experience the Intersection of Luxury and Science with Customized Faux Leather