The subtle metallic surface enhances the beauty of the leather grain and slight color variation. Fortuna is shown in the Metallics by Color swatch cards. Please contact us directly for digital images.

  • Proprietary microfiber construction
  • Beautiful, authentic look and feel
  • Unparalleled durability and cleanability
  • Custom colors and development available
  • No Plasticizers or PVC content

Additional information


100% Nylon Fiber Matrix


54 inch/137 cm


8.8 oz/sq yd, 300 g/m²


28 mils; 0.7 mm

Cleanability Code



100,000+ double rubs Wyzenbeek Wire screen (ASTM D-4157- 82)*


Wet 5/Dry 5 (AATCC-8-1988)

Trap Tear Strength

30 lbs x 30 lbs (ASTM D-1117-80)

Grab Tensile Strength

100 lbs x 100 lbs (ASTM D-5034-90)

Seam Strength

100 lbs x 100 lbs (ASTM D-1683-90A)

Colorfastness: Gas fumes

(AATCC-23, 3 cycles) Class 4-5/Little to no color change

Colorfastness: I

– Fadeometer Test (AATCC-16A-90, 100 hrs) Class 5/No color change – Weather-O-Meter (Xenon Arc, SAE J1885), 225 kj/m2: Little to no color change

Colorfastness: II

Sulfide Staining (ASTM D-1712-89) No staining

Flammability Class I

UFAC/NFPA 260-1989

Flammability Pass

California Technical Bulletin 117-2013 Section 1 – Pass

Flammability Class A Rated

Tunnel Test: (ASTM E84)**

Flame Compatibility

Furniture upholstered with Fortuna and constructed with other suitable components can comply with Cal 133. Can also be treated to meet many international flammability codes.

* Failure in Wyzenbeek abrasion was defined as wear to expose the microfiber.

** Tested as NYTEK with sheeting backing by adhered method.

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