Faux Leather

Visual and Tactile Effects

Majilite’s dramatic interpretation of luxury results in faux leather in more than 40 leather patterns, including: authentic grains from the natural world to luminous metallic surfaces and woven leather effects is possible in the faux leather category from Majilite.

Performance and Cleaning

While Novasuede provides the aesthetic of expensive suede, it also offers exceptional performance. It is used in a variety of applications including conventional upholstery, wall covering and panels. Due to its unique composition, this suede-like material is easy to clean.

Features of Majilite Faux Leather Products

  • Proprietary micro fiber construction
  • No plasticizers / off-gassing
  • Breathable like leather
  • Beautiful, authentic look and feel
  • Outdoor construction available
  • Ideal for high traffic areas
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Custom colors; small minimums apply

Experience the Intersection of Luxury and Science