Vibrant Metallics

The technical team at Majilite has mastered the challenges of creating stunning metallic finishes on the pliable faux leather materials the company is known for. By researching industries where metallic finishes are standard and conducting extensive experimentation with processes, Majilite has been able to create sophisticated and innovative metallic looks that also provide performance and comfort.

The metallic materials Majilite produces have a lustrous and complex quality that goes beyond a simple surface effect. They possess a depth of color that is akin to actual metal surfaces where buffing and polishing has created a soft, glowing sheen. The versatile nylon or polyester fiber matrix, (Majilite’s trademark), makes it possible to apply a metallic look to nearly any grain or texture in the Majilite portfolio of products. The result is an array of sophisticated and fashionable materials that are supple, breathable, durable and above all, beautiful.

Features of Majilite Metallic Products

  • Proprietary micro fiber construction
  • No plasticizers / off-gassing
  • Breathable like leather
  • Beautiful, authentic look and feel
  • Outdoor construction available
  • Ideal for high traffic areas
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Custom colors; small minimums apply

Experience the Intersection of Luxury and Science with Customized Faux Leather