Majilite Faux Leather for Commercial

Majilite has successfully applied the same space-age chemistry used in developing bullet-proof glass and high-performance aircraft components to fiber and textile engineering. The net result is a portfolio of products with outstanding visual, technical and performance characteristics. This construction has the unique advantage of being the perfect solution for upholstery, wall covering, or wrapped table/desk tops.


The faux leather portfolio of products from Majilite provides the end-user with an exceptional performance story. They have superior abrasion resistance and may be used in high-traffic areas without concern. In addition to being resistant to puncturing and tearing, Majilite products will not delaminate over time. All Majilite products meet or exceed the standardsset by the Association for Contract Textiles.

Fire Treatments

Majilite has also developed proprietary fire treatments to pass numerous global code requirements and is able to work with customers on a case-by-case basis to ensure the correct treatment is used to comply with specific international tests.


Most Majilite products can also be used for direct glue wall covering with the addition of a backing developed to ensure smooth adhesion to a wall surface. We encourage viewing in a large piece prior to ordering.

Experience the Intersection of Luxury and Science with Customized Faux Leather