Majilite Faux Leather for Residential

Majilite has successfully applied the same space-age chemistry used in developing bullet-proof glass and high performance aircraft components to fiber and textile engineering. The net result is a portfolio of products with outstanding technical and performance characteristics.

Majilite faux leather products are easy to keep clean and will maintain their appearance for years with minimal maintenance.

Easy Upholstery Applications

Majilites faux leathers are based on Nytek technology which mimics the structure of collagen found in real leather. The tri-axial matrix used to form the microfiber structure in all Majilite products results in a soft, pliable material that is actually stronger than leather on a strength-to-weight ratio. The resulting products are easy to use in any upholstery application. These materials will sew beautifully, take a top-stitching detail perfectly and hold a seam on any curve. They can also be used very successfully to wrap surfaces such as headboards and walls.

Exceptional Performance

The faux leather portfolio of products from Majilite provides the end-user with an exceptional performance story. They have superior abrasion resistance and may be used in high-traffic areas without concern. In addition to being resistant to puncturing and tearing, they are not PVC products and do not off-gas any harmful compounds, thus being safe for use in any environment.

Comfort and Breathability

The Majilite faux leather products are also extremely comfortable to sit on. Thousands of micro pores allow these materials to transmit air and moisture vapor, providing a completely breathable surface that remains neutral to atmospheric conditions. They do not respond adversely to changes in air temperature excess heat is dissipated when conditions are warm and retained in the cold making these materials feel very natural.

Experience the Intersection of Luxury and Science with Customized Faux Leather