Majilite has an extensive library of embossing patterns and proprietary embossing rollers. It is possible to emboss nearly everything in the Majilite portfolio of products. The unique aesthetic created by embossing can dramatically change the impact of an otherwise simple surface material. By controlling the heat and pressure used in the embossing process, striking looks can be achieved. There is a five yard minimum for any embossing order.

Below are photographs and a brief description of many of the embossing patterns available.


Gently undulating lines move horizontally across this surface, creating a harmonious and pleasing rhythm.


This fine vertical rib can evoke the softness of thin wale corduroy or the strength of steel mesh.


Inspired by the beautiful and timeless twill weave, this subtle pattern offers a classic textile interpretation.


Replicating the neatness of a vintage piqué weave, this material is embellished with chiseled diamond shapes that flawlessly etch the surface.


Carefully calibrated tooling provides the suggestion of perfect perforation without actually penetrating the surface grain of this classic look.


Tiny micro-squares are precisely stamped into this surface of this architectural pattern to create a grid of strict geometry.


A simple and timeless basket weave is presented on the diagonal and enhanced with the perfect amount of shading.


Skillful embossing adds extra dimension to the balanced weave effect of this chic look, creating a sense of authentic and sophisticated style.


The appearance of flat pieces of fine leather cut in wider strips and laid out on the diagonal suggest the look of an expensive Italian handbag.


The resulting effect of stitching two materials together, such as classic quilting techniques, is characterized in this elegant pattern.


An intricate woven look embossed on the diagonal has all the details of hand-hewn strands of flat wire worked together into a tight mesh.


This non-directional texture swirls like a microscopic mosaic, providing unique surface interest in a beautiful matte-finished, two-tone pattern.


The uneven quality and charming imperfection of burlap sacking, characterizes this rich pattern and imbues it with a pleasing, rustic texture.


The embossed pattern of woven Japanese rush provides an inviting texture in a palette of quiet, usable hues.


The markings of this lovely embossing suggest the suppleness of deer skin with fine lines meandering over the soft, inviting surface.


Embed with the distinctive markings found on wild animal hides, this striking pattern is bold in scale with a well-worn look.


The look of highly prized lizard skin has been captured in the embellished surface of this classy pattern.


The weathered hide of an Everglades alligator is captured in small scale and surprisingly realistic detail.

Classic Gator

This pattern embodies the wonderful irregularity found in the shapes expressed in beautifully tanned reptile skin.


Nothing says fashion more than this over-scaled reptile pattern that looks as though it crawled straight out of the bayou.


The unique patterning that only nature can produce is mirrored in this fashionable crocodile grain that looks remarkably authentic.


The meticulous features of a large-scale snake skin have been rendered with flawless detail.


Irregular circular shapes are embellished with the spidery lines of a fine etching tool to create the effect of dimensional depth in this reptile-like pattern.


The distinctive patterning of parched earth is rendered in this multi-directional pattern of medium scale.

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