All the quilted products from Majilite are made of a specially engineered nylon or polyester fiber matrix. These products are manufactured in the United States and are not PVC products. There is a 3 yard minimum for any quilting order.

Proprietary Quilting Machinery

Majilite supports our portfolio of products with our own customized quilting tooling and machinery. Our proprietary unique twin-needled precision combined with a specially engineered bobbin creates a beautiful quilted surface and handsome visual effect. The aesthetic created with quilting opens up a myriad of possibilities for upholstery and vertical surface applications as well as the production of pillows and other leather-covered objects for home, office, hospitality and retail environments.

Digital Pattern Programs

Computer generated programs allow for any diamond, square, harlequin or channel pattern to be meticulously quilted. Scale can be regulated to create small, regular patterns or larger dramatic looks. These classic patterns can be further enhanced with additional visual effects.

Dimensional Look

When manufactured with a soft batting, a rich, dimensional look is created. It is possible to create quilted materials appropriate for direct glue wall applications by quilting with a thin sheeting rather than lofty batting. Direct glue quilting can be made to pass numerous fire code requirements for vertical surfaces by utilizing one of the various Majilite proprietary fire treatments.


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