In Magilite’s intricate weaving process, we cut material into thin, even strips that can be folded by customized machinery designed for the specific purpose of weaving leather products. The result is indicative of the finest Italian woven leather with the added superior performance characteristics of Majilite faux leather and suede.

Multi-Colored Weaving

The handsome and sophisticated look created by weaving Majilite materials can be further enhanced by combining two or three different colors into one woven pattern. Varying the widths of the woven strips also contributes to a completely unique effect. It is possible to use a top stitching detail in a contrasting color to add sophistication and richness to the woven material.

Upholstery Application

Woven Majilite materials are ideal for headboards, wall panels and all types of upholstery applications. This woven material is suited for the creation of pillows and other products such as placemats and desk accessories.

Made in the U.S.A.

All the woven products from Majilite are made of a specially engineered nylon or polyester fiber matrix. These products are manufactured in the United States and are not PVC products.

  • There is a 5 yard minimum for any woven order
  • Finished woven width is 48
  • Strip width ranges from ½ to 1½ wide
  • Approximately 5 yards of material are required to produce 1 yard of woven goods
  • Custom sample size is 12 X 18
  • Call for information on sample pricing and set up charge


Experience the Intersection of Luxury and Science with Customized Faux Leather