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Care & Cleaning Guide for Healthcare Applications

NYTEK® faux leathers are used in dental chairs, examination tables, hospital furniture, and other health care products that should be cleaned and disinfected frequently. Majilite has evaluated several cleaners/disinfectants and recommends the following:

Cleaning: Wipe the NYTEK® with a mild soap and water solution using a soft clean cloth or sponge. Avoid cleaners containing abrasives. Rinse with clean water, dry with a soft cloth or towel.

Disinfecting with bleach: Clean the faux leather of gross filth (loose dirt and debris). Prepare a bleach solution at the desired concentration up to 10% (5000ppm available chlorine). Use an EPA registered product whenever possible and follow the manufacturer’s label instructions. Spray to wet the surface with the bleach solution. Allow it to remain for no longer than 10 minutes. Thoroughly rinse with clean water. Allow to dry before use.

Disinfecting: The following products are acceptable based on testing: Dilute as directed and apply according to the manufacturers label instructions.

Birex sePhenolBiotrol International
MaxiSprayPhenol/GlutaraldehydeHenry Schein
Omni IIPhenolCertol International, Inc.
Precise Hospital Foam cleanerPhenolCalTech Industries, Inc.
ProSpray & ProSpray WipesPhenolCertol International
Sporicidin Antimicrobial SolutionPhenolContec, Inc.
Sporicidin Antimicrobial TowlettesPhenolContec, Inc.
Procide SprayPhenolCertol International, Inc.
Cetylcide IIQuaternary compoundsCetylite Ind. Inc.
Madacide IFDQuaternary compoundsMada Medical Products, Inc.
CavicideQuaternary compounds
17% isopropanol
Metrex Research Corp.
Maxi Spray PlusQuaternary compounds
17% isopropanol
Metrex Research Corp.
Sani-Cloth PlusQuaternary compounds
10-12% isopropanol
Sani-cloth HBQuaternary compoundsPDI

Majilite does not include Iodophors, such as Biocide, Wescodyne, ProMedyne and Iodofive, on the acceptable list at this time due to concerns about possible staining of the NYTEK® surface.

The company does not recommend use the following products on NYTEK®:

  • Alcohols such as isopropyl alcohol and ethanol
  • Products with levels of alcohols above 20% such as: Coe Spray II, The Pump, DisCide, Ultra Disinfectant Spray, Citrex Hospital Spray Disinfectant, Super Sani-Cloth, DisCide Ultra Towelettes, Lysol, Lysol II, Lysol Professional

Majilite does not endorse any particular project’s specific ability to clean and/or disinfect; we only verify that the approved products have been shown not to harm the NYTEK® finish. Our evaluations were based upon the disinfectants as currently formulated and may not reflect possible future reformulations or modifications by the manufacturers.

Majilite continues to examine the effects of various commercial disinfectants on NYTEK®. Our laboratories are available to test specific products upon a customer’s request.

The NYTEK® faux leather collection includes: Action, Attaché, Baby Ostrich, Brushed Finesse, Burnished Metal, Cane, Courier, Deco, Destiny, Finesse, Glazed Finesse, Grandeur, Metals & Pearls Finesse, Moccasin, Nuance, Panache, Pearl Raindrop, Prestige, Satchel, Starlite, Vista etc.