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Wet Extraction Method

Large dirt or stains on NOVASUEDE® may be too labor intensive to clean by spot cleaning. Removing ground-in or soaked-in stains by wetting and blotting also is not practical and is time-consuming.

The wet extraction technique, used by professional cleaners, is an alternative cleaning method. Individuals can use a Bissell carpet machine with a small upholstery attachment or a wet/dry vacuum. The cleaning technique involves spraying the suede with water and vacuuming the suspended dirt. The best technique to use with extraction equipment is to wet and vacuum in one motion rather than soak.

Remove dry dirt by brushing and vacuuming. Blot wet stains as much as possible. Excess dried stains should be scraped off with a spoon. Some materials may be partially removed by lightly applying and removing scotch tape.

Prepare a soap solution as follows:

  • 1 gallon of water
  • 1/4 cup Woolite
  • 2 cup Vivid detergent with non-chlorine bleach

Transfer some of the soap solution to a 1-pint bottle equipped with a trigger or pump spray top similar to those used for many household cleaners.

Spray the soap solution onto the stained area. Lightly wet the area, but avoid over soaking. Brush the soap solution into the suede with a soft brush such as a soft toothbrush. Do not scrub or rub excessively. Lightly work the soap into the suede to soften the stain.

Extract the soap solution with cold water. Several rinses may be necessary. The suede will darken when wet and may mask the stain. To determine whether another washing is necessary, dry a small portion of the cleaned area with a hair dryer to determine if any of the stain remains. Once the stains have been removed, clean the entire panel or piece of furniture to maintain a consistent appearance. Allow the piece to dry at room temperature overnight, and then brush lightly to restore the nap.