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Cleaning ink stains varies because different inks are composed of different materials. However, clean any ink spot as soon a possible to increase the chances of removal. Begin working with small areas, starting with the least visible area to test the cleaning technique’s success.

Majilite’s Ink Removal Stick is designed for removal of ink, lipstick, and other stains. It can be used on any of our faux leather products: FINESSE®, BABY OSTRICH®, DESTINY®, and PRESTIGE®. It is not recommended for NOVASUEDE®. Use the stick as directed on the label. Rub some onto the stain, wait thirty seconds and remove the stain with a clean cloth. Repeat if necessary. For stubborn stains, allow the Ink Removal Stick gel to remain on the FINESSE® overnight. Ink Removal Sticks can be ordered from Majilite Customer Service for a nominal fee at 978-441-6800.

In place of the stick, use the following procedure with common ingredients:

  • In a small cup, mix one-part full-strength Wisk detergent with one part rubbing alcohol, which is commonly composed of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water.
  • Wet a small portion of a soft white cloth and apply the cleaning solution to the ink stain and blot up the stain. Do not rub. Blot the cleaning solution with a dry cloth and repeat step 2 several times to extract as much of the stain as possible. This will keep the ink from spreading unnecessarily.
  • Dab a soft or medium bristle toothbrush into the cleaning solution and gently brush the stain in a swirling motion. As the ink loosens, blot he cleaning solution with a dry cloth and repeat step 3 until the stain is gone (usually about 3 or 4 times). Use the least amount of solution possible and clean and dry in several steps rather than saturate the NYTEK® material and attempt to extract the stain all at once.
  • Extract the cleaning solution from the NYTEK® with a damp cloth. Several rinses will be necessary to extract all the soap. Wisk has a characteristic blue color and may impart a bluish tinge to the lighter colors of FINESSE® but this will disappear as the Wisk is extracted with a damp cloth.
  • Allow the fabric to air dry or dry with a hair dryer on a warm setting.
  • Check for residual soap evidenced by a bluish color or a soapy feel. If necessary, repeat steps 4 and 5.

For general cleaning, use water and a mild soap such as Woolite® following the manufacturers directions.