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Special Stains


NYTEK®, a specially engineered nylon fiber matrix, is designed with a built-in stain resistant finish that will not wash or wear off and does not require a topically applied spray. The following simple cleaning methods will ensure the long-lasting beauty and elegance of these NYTEK® products.

Ordinary Cleaning

Ordinary dirt, smudges and water-soluble stains such as coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks, milk, beer, and wine can be removed with mild soap and water. Use a clean cloth or soft sponge to dab the stain with soapy water. Remove the soap solution by wiping the area with a cloth and clean water. Dry with a soft lint-free cloth or towel.

Stubborn Stains

Very stubborn stains or non-water soluble stains can be removed with a mild solvent such as naphtha (lighter fluid, paint thinner). Lightly wipe the stain with a clean cloth moistened with solvent. Blot the area with a dry cloth and dry.

Ink and Magic Marker Stains

Many ink and magic marker stains can be removed using a solution of one part Wisk detergent and one part rubbing alcohol. Dab lightly with a moist cloth, but do not rub. As the ink loosens, blot the area with a dry cloth. Repeat if necessary. Rinse with a cloth dampened in clean water, and dry with a soft cloth.

Commercial Installations

For general cleaning of commercial installations, use mild soap and water. Avoid using cleaners containing abrasives or bleach. Disinfectants can be used provided they are evaluated beforehand. Technical bulletins outlining specific cleaning and disinfecting procedures for NYTEK® products used in health care applications are available.


  • NOVASUEDE®’s special technology allows for easy care and cleaning.
  • Liquid spills tend to “bead up” on the surface; often all that is needed is quick action with a dry cloth to absorb the liquid.
  • Remove dust deposits, prevent soil build-up, and keep the suede surface looking crisp and new with normal, regular vacuuming with a soft brush attachment.
  • Novasuede can be cleaned and groomed with a Magik brush, Miracle brush, or similar lint removal brush.
  • Use Scotch tape or a soft eraser to remove light stains and smudge marks.

Water-soluble Stains

  • Water-soluble stains from coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks, milk, beer, wine, and other drinks can be removed by dabbing the affected area with clean water, mild soapy water, or a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar.
  • Blotting is always preferable to rubbing for stain removal.
  • Remove excess soap or vinegar solution by dabbing with clean water and blotting with a clean cloth.
  • Allow the material to dry naturally or dry quickly with a hair dryer using the warm setting.
  • “Rings” noticed after drying are usually the result of some residual soap or cleaning solution remaining on the fabric and can be removed by cleaning again with water.

Non Water-soluble Stains

  • Use a petroleum solvent such as naphtha (lighter fluid) or mineral spirits to remove non-water soluble stains such as grease, oil, and shoe polish.
  • Dab the stained area with a clean cloth moistened with solvent and then blot with a clean, dry cloth. Repeat if necessary.
  • Work from the edges of the stain toward the center to avoid enlarging it.
  • Rubbing the area carefully with fine sandpaper usually can repair surface damage and minor cigarette burns.

Cleaning Removable Covers

  • Machine wash separately, using the cool or warm water setting on the delicate cycle.
  • Use mild detergent without pouring it directly onto the material and no bleach. Spin and tumble dry on a low setting, or spin and hang to dry in a shady area. Do not twist or wring.
  • NOVASUEDE® covers also can be professionally dry cleaned using a clean perchloroethylene solvent and these settings: short cycle, tumble dry warm, steam followed by brushing to restore nap.

A wet extraction process, available through most professional cleaning services, is recommended to clean widespread dirt or for an overall cleaning of upholstered pieces.

Although NOVASUEDE® is spill resistant, supplementary treatments such as Scotchgard can be used for further protection. Test a sample to ensure that the texture or color of the material will not be affected.

Restoring the Nap

After cleaning, it is important to restore the nap by lightly brushing with a soft bristle brush after the NOVASUEDE® is completely dry. Regular routine vacuuming, immediate attention to accidental spills, and occasional brushing generally are all that is required to maintain the luxurious feel and appearance of NOVASUEDE®.