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Some upholsterers use fabric spray adhesives that may be sprayed onto foam, frame parts, or cardboard. Occasionally, a part covered with glue may bump up against a piece of furniture covered in NOVASUEDE® and some of the glue transfers to the suede surface.

Several solvents including perchloroethylene, liquid carbon, and mineral spirits can loosen adhesives without damaging the suede but require adequate ventilation. Perchloroethylene is fast drying but has a strong odor and can be a safety problem. If the solvent is flammable or combustible, keep it away from ignition sources. Follow the manufacturer’s label instructions and all precautions. Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet (M.S.D.S.).

  • Dab a clean white cloth in mineral spirits, getting it damp but not dripping wet.
  • Dab the edge of the adhesive mark, wetting the adhesive and a small area around it.
  • Lightly rub or brush the adhesive to get it to form a ball and roll off the suede.
  • Avoid pushing the softened adhesive into the suede. After the adhesive is gone, brush the suede, still moistened with mineral spirits, with a soft brush to break up any residual adhesive and blot with a clean dry cloth.
  • Mineral spirits dry slowly so it may be necessary to speed up the process by blowing warm dry air over the spot. If the spot appears dark when dry, there may be a little adhesive left in the suede. Rewet with mineral spirits, brush, and blot.
  • Sometimes the mineral spirits may leave a ring. If this happens, lightly brush the ring with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits, then brush the suede lightly as you dry it with a hair dryer.