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Storing and Hanging

  • Store in a moist, climate-controlled environment to allow for maximum stretch and flexibility. Avoid extremes in humidity or temperature.
  • Keep NYTEK® products in their delivery box before they are used. Avoid standing rolls on their ends or overcrowding rolls in storage bins, which can create bunching, wrinkling or pressure marks.

Preventing Exposure to Foreign Materials

  • During processing, prevent dirt or foreign objects from adhering to the backside of NYTEK® products, which may leave pressure marks or bumps visible on the face.
  • In winter the material is more susceptible to static and dirt because of dry conditions.

Removing Wrinkles and Pressure Marks

  • Use steam or heat to remove wrinkles and pressure marks.
  • Try either technique on a small swatch first to establish the appropriate temperature.
  • For steam, use a hand-held steamer or flat iron with a damp, clean white cotton presser cloth between the iron and the material’s backside. Steam is less likely to cause burning.
  • A heat gun or flat iron can be used to generate dry heat, which is best for removing stubborn wrinkles.

SUMMARY – For Best Storage Results:


  • Store in a climate-controlled environment that is not too dry and helps the material retain moisture.
  • Keep the backside of the material clean and unexposed to dirt and other contaminants.
  • Use steam or dry heat to remove wrinkles and pressure marks.


  • Stand rolls on their ends.
  • Overcrowd rolls in storage bins, which causes bunching and wrinkling
  • Expose the backside to static or dirt.