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Cement Application

Direct cement application is used for components with molded shapes such as cowls, dashboards, door panels, and horizontal surfaces like desktops and tables made of laminate, chipboard, aluminum, and fiberglass.

This procedure applies to NYTEK® products with and without Majilite’s foam/tricot, knit, or sheeting backings. If installing as a wallcovering with standard vinyl wall cements, please see the section on TIPS FOR USING NOVASUEDE®-NYTEK® AS A WALLCOVERING.

  • Inspect all surfaces for foreign materials and defects and prepare them according to the adhesive’s instructions. For instance, particleboard is porous and may need to be sealed, primed, or doubled adhesive coated.
  • Use either a spray contact adhesive or one that can be brushed to coat substrates such as laminate, chipboard, and aluminum. Brushing wets the coated surface well.
  • Only use a spray adhesive on NOVASUEDE® or NYTEK® to keep the adhesive on top of the fibers and not push it through to the face through brushing.
  • Thoroughly cover both surfaces with adhesive. Missed areas or places where there are voids or gaps in the adhered material may swell and bubble when exposed to high humidity.
  • Contact adhesives must be appropriate for the specific application and the material to which they will be applied; i.e. aluminum, wood, etc. The container label, technical literature, or adhesive manufacturer should provide that information.
  • Some water-based adhesives swell NYTEK® products, making the cover difficult to handle. Run samples and contact the adhesive dealer for further guidance.
  • Do not use pressure sensitive adhesives that tend to creep with time and can result in thumb printing, loss of bond, or wicking of the adhesive up to the face of the material.
  • After applying adhesive to the substrate and NYTEK®, allow the solvent to evaporate and laminate the material before the adhesives open times have expired.
  • Start at the center of the piece and work out to the edges to stick the cover down. To get extra stretch at difficult corners, apply a little steam to the face of the NYTEK® as it is being stretched.