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  • Take appropriate precautions to prevent the spread of disease when handling blood or blood products.
  • Most fresh blood stains can be removed with cold water.
    For fresh blood, pat the stain with a cloth dabbed in cold water and then blot the stain with a clean dry cloth. Repeat the process until no more blood transfers to the cloth.
  • Dried blood may be more difficult to soften and remove.
  • Before washing, gently scrape the dried blood with a fingernail file or similar object.
  • Avoid bruising the suede. Use a soft toothbrush to break up the blood, then use the cold water and cloth method discussed above.
  • If water alone does not work, try a dilute solution of a mild soap such as Woolite, Joy, Dove, or Ivory in cold water.
  • Do not use warm or hot water as it may set the blood into the suede.