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  • Majilite provides a light-weight polyester/cotton sheeting backer for wall applications. Backing provides dimensional stability that helps prevent seam separation, minimizes the risk of wallpaper paste bleed through, and allows NYTEK® products to be used with standard adhesives and hanging techniques.
  • Experienced installers should test a small sample to see how the fabric hangs.
  • Use recommended vinyl adhesives such as standard or heavy-duty vinyl premixed cement. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for use and suitability of the adhesives.
  • Prepare all surfaces as directed by the adhesive manufacturer and inspect them for foreign objects or contamination.
  • Ensure complete surface coverage on all glued areas to achieve proper bonding; missed area will blister.
  • Smooth by hand after laying material to insure 100% bond and to work out bubbles.
  • Double cut seams using sharp blades.
  • Lightly brush as required.
  • If a padded effect is desired, use NYTEK® products backed with a Majilite foam. Please refer to the MARINE LINER INSTALLATION section.
  • For applications requiring direct cementing to wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and other materials, please refer to the Installing by DIRECT CEMENT METHOD section.


  • Use Majilite backers.
  • Employ experienced installers.
  • Use recommended vinyl adhesives.
  • Prepare surfaces and ensure complete coverage.
  • Smooth by hand and double cut seams.
  • Lightly brush.