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Aircraft Installation

NOVASUEDE® and FINESSE® are made of NYTEK®, a specially engineered nylon microfiber matrix. These luxurious materials are very much like natural leather, not just in the way they look and feel but in the way they react to atmospheric conditions.

NYTEK®, like leather, will expand and contract slightly with changes in moisture content, although it will not retain much water. It regulates absorbed moisture in such a way that it never holds more than 8 to 10 percent of its own weight.

To avoid sagging problems, we recommend installation by direct cement method. NYTEK® materials should be adhered to solid continuous surfaces that have been properly prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions for the adhesive being used. The adhesive should be a contact, solvent type that is recommended for the material to which it will be applied, (i.e. aluminum, etc.).

  • Apply the adhesive by spray gun to both the NYTEK® and the panel. Spray a light to moderate coat in each direction.
  • Allow the solvent to evaporate and recoat each piece. Apply enough coats to assure complete coverage of both the NYTEK® and the panel.
  • Laminate the NYTEK® to the panel within the recommended open time as specified by the adhesive manufacturer.
  • Roll or press the fabric by roll or other convenient means to assure good contact between the two surfaces.
  • It is important that both the NYTEK® and the material to which it is being adhered are thoroughly covered by adhesive. Missed areas or places where there are voids or gaps in the adhered material may swell and bubble in high humidity.
  • Do not use pressure sensitive adhesives as they tend to creep with time and can result in thumbprinting, loss of bond, or wicking of the adhesive up to the face of the material.
    It is best to adhere the NYTEK® to the center of the piece and work out to the edges. To get extra stretch at difficult corners, apply a little steam to the face of the NYTEK® as it is being stretched.

For upholstered applications, we recommend that NYTEK® be stretched as much as possible in both directions. To achieve this, the material may be moistened by steaming or by conditioning and upholstering in a humid environment. NYTEK® has more stretch in the cross roll direction than in the roll direction. Pull evenly to avoid wrinkles. To help maintain a tight appearance, it is advisable to provide some push behind the cover from foam or appropriate battings that have been compressed during the upholstering operation.

We do not recommend NYTEK® for stretch and clip headliners unless backed by a Majilite approved backing.

If you have not used NYTEK® before or would like to evaluate it on your application prior to an installation, we have sample cuts available approximately 23″ x 18″ in size that we can send to you free of charge.

Please contact your Majilite representative or call Majilite at 978-441-6800 Ext. 217.

This information is based on laboratory tests and actual field experience. The suggestions are intended as an installation guide only without guarantee. Since applications will vary, the exact method of installation is beyond our control. It is the buyer’s responsibility to assess the suitability of these products for the specific application.