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Wite-Out®, Liquid Paper® or Similar Correction Fluids

Wet Correction Fluid
Correction fluids will dry in one to two minutes, so quick action is necessary. If the White Out is still wet, blot it with a cloth, sponge or paper towel. Avoid spreading.

Dried Correction Fluid
Rub masking tape on the dried spot, pulling it off quickly. Push the tape down into the grain with the wooden handle of a kitchen utensil . Repeat three or four times until White Out no longer transfers to the tape.

To clean a large spill or several spots:

  • Work with a small area or one spot at a time.
  • Dip a soft toothbrush into mineral spirits,* shake off the excess, and brush the remainder of the stain in a circular motion. The White Out will fade as it begins to dissolve.
  • Blot it up quickly with a clean, dry soft cloth to avoid spreading. Several cleanings may be necessary to remove all of the White Out and to avoid a hazy or chalky appearance on the NYTEK® surface once the solvent has evaporated.
  • In the final cleaning, use a new, clean cloth to avoid re-transferring the White-Out. If necessary, lightly scrape the last of the White-Out from the valleys of the leather grain with fingernails.
  • Allow to air dry. If odor is a problem, wash out the mineral spirits with soapy water or a dilute solution of Woolite or a mild dishwashing liquid.

* Mineral spirits is a clear water white solvent sold in hardware and paint stores, often as paint thinner for oil-based paints. A combustible liquid, it is a distillate of petroleum and has a mild odor similar to kerosene. Keep it away from ignition sources, use with adequate ventilation, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid alcohols, ketones such as acetone, and nail polish removers.