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Cleaning techniques will vary because different inks are composed of different materials.

  • The chances for success are greater the sooner the ink spot is cleaned. Begin working with small areas, starting with the least visible area to test the cleaning technique’s success.
  • Blue Coral Dri-Clean Upholstery Cleaner has worked well in cleaning ink from NOVASUEDE®. It can be purchased at auto parts stores as either a clear liquid in a trigger spray bottle or as an aerosol, which is not as effective.
  • Follow the directions on the bottle and use the dab and blot technique. Blue Coral Dri-Clean also can be used as a spot cleaner or as a soap for wet extraction. Blue Coral is manufactured by Blue Coral, Inc. Cleveland, Ohio 44105; 1-800-844-1080, Technical Assistance 1-800-416-1600.