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Topical Finishes

Majilite does not recommend using stain treatment products like Scotchgard or Teflon on any of the finished leather grains of the NYTEK® line. Refer to the CARE AND CLEANING section on NOVASUEDE® for a discussion of these finishes.

These finishes change the fabric fibers’ surface tension by coating them with a Teflon fluorocarbon resin or silicone that prevents dirt and liquid spills from penetrating. The resin is applied via a spray, pad, or other similar process. When the volatiles evaporate, the respective resins are left behind, coated onto the fabric fibers.

NYTEK® products already have an inherently stain resistant finish. Liquids bead up on them and are easily wiped up. Coating this finish with these topical finishes will not cause water to bead up more. Also the Teflon resin will not penetrate through the leather finish to coat the nylon microfibers.

NYTEK® Does Not Need Vinyl Dressings and Leather Conditioners
Since NYTEK® does not contain oils or plasticizers like leather or vinyl, it does not “dry out” or become stiff with time. It is not necessary to apply anything to its surface to “restore it.” Periodic cleaning with soap and water and sensible care and use are all that are needed.

Proper Cleaning Methods for NYTEK’s® Gloss and Simulated Leather Surface
One of NYTEK’s® most appealing features is how it mimics leather’s gloss and surface feel. Plus it’s easy to clean with water and a soft cloth or sponge. If necessary, use a dilute solution of a mild neutral soap such as Woolite, or a hand dishwashing liquid like Joy, Ivory Liquid, or Dove. Then rinse the cloth in warm water, wipe the material and let it air dry. Once dry, the original look and feel of the material should be restored.

NYTEK® does not need special products like Armor All to restore its surface since it does not contain oils or plasticizers that make it “dry out” or become stiff with time. While our laboratory studies have not shown them to be damaging to NYTEK®, they alter the gloss and surface feel of the material, diminish its similarity to leather, and make it feel more like plastic or vinyl.